This Month, we are reading Colm Toibin’s Brooklyn. It is a devastating story of love, loss and one woman’s terrible choice between duty and personal freedom. we are still wading through Ulysses. Dr Claire Nally is joining us this month to provide some intersting bits of informaiton on ulysses which should help us along.

Date: Tuesday 1st December 2015.

7.15pm- 8.00pm: Discussion of  Brooklyn by Colm Tobin.

8.00pm- 8.45pm: Discussion of Ulysses. We are up to Part II: The Odyssey- Calypso which starts witht he words “Mr Leopold Bloom at with relish the inner organs of beasts” and ends with the words, “Thank you, how grand we are this morning”:

Dr Claire Nally will be present and informally chat to us about Ulysses. Claire is a Senior Lecturer in Twentieth- Century English Literature, and researches Irish Studies, Neo-Victorianism, Gender and Subcultures at Northumbria University.

We meet once per month at the Tyneside Irish Centre to discuss a book by an Irish Writer over a few friendly drinks. The book club is open to everybody regardless of nationality.